Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Box-Office Predictions ($120-$195)

20. Horrible Bosses 2 (WB, 11/14)- $120 million
The first Horrible Bosses was a surprise hit.  Since then both Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis headlined two of last year's biggest comedies.  These are likable stars with an impressive supporting cast of Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz.  If this movie is just as funny audiences will be back.  But this is being released in November, not traditionally the best month for comedies.  I expect it to do close to the same amount of business as the first.

19. Home (Fox, 11/26)- $125 million
Dreamworks movies have not done as well in the last quarter of the year (Megamind, Puss in Boots and Rise of the Guardians).  Little has been seen from this movie yet, but from the premise and designs it seems like it might be on the low end for Dreamworks.  Home seems to be closer to Turbo than Frozen as far as one word titles go.  Need to see more about this, but based on the premise and designs it does not seem like this will be the biggest animated hit.  But it could surprise if it is an impressive enough spectacle or has a memetic catchphrase characters for the trailers.  Will make money though, just not by ridiculous animation standards.

18. 22 Jump Street (Columbia, 6/13)- $135 million
21 Jump Street was an incredible surprise and it looks like this sequel will keep what worked while changing the stakes.  Hill and Tatum have incredible chemistry and both can bring in a crowd in the right role.  Moving to summer could help or hurt the box-office totals, but it depends if this is as funny as the first.

17. Into the Woods (Disney, 12/25)- $140 million
Released the same date as Les Miserables, from the director of Chicago, features stars from Pitch Perfect, Mamma Mia and Sweeney Todd.  This has all the ingredients to be a big musical hit.  This is  a critical success on stage and has definite awards potential.  The only factor is Annie being a huge hit, but this definitely seems to have the bigger box-office potential.  Should be an impressive late in the year debut.

16. The Lego Movie (WB, 2/7)- $140 million
The Lego franchise has gained popularity in recent years on television, Netflix, video games and in toy aisles.  The movie trailer has gotten adults nostalgic and there is a lot of merchandise to attract children. This also features several DC Comics characters which will bring attention.  It should be a big early release.  Has the potential to bring in Lorax or Croods numbers, but needs to really be a big hit with families for that.

15. Godzilla (WB, 5/16)- $150 million
The trailer has an incredibly positive response and the internet is definitely hyping the movie.  However monster movies have never done too well.  Pacific Rim notably underperformed last summer and Cloverfield was not a runaway hit.  There is a lack of bankable stars and an emphasis on action, lacking the levity of Transformers.  The hype of this movie and familiarity with the character should help this to perform above Pacific Rim, this is being marketed well.  But it will need its fan base to support it for it to be a bigger hit.  I may be overestimating its chances now.

14. Tammy (WB, 7/4)- $150 million
Melissa McCarthy had a very good year last year with Identity Thief and The Heat.  She co-wrote this comedy, her husband is directing it and it features recognizable stars Susan Sarandon, Allison Janney and Kathy Bates.  She certainly has a fan base and if this is funny enough it should be one of the bigger comedies of the year.

13. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Fox, 7/11)- $180 million
Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a surprise success and this movie is the natural progression and raises the stakes.  It should do a little better than the first, but it will really need to hit with viewers to be much better.  There is a lot of competition with more familiar franchises, but this could still surprise.  However Gary Oldman is the only new notable addition and the first trailer was not the most impressive.  Still need to see how well this gets marketed.

12. Mr. Peabody and Sherman (Fox, 3/7)- $190 million
Although the original Rocky and Bullwinkle segment has not maintained popularity it is a concept that would work great on film.  This looks like Dreamworks has found a balance between audience pleasing comedy and spectacle.  Should be close to The Croods from last year, if it is real good it stands a chance at crossing $200 million.

11. A Million Ways to Die in the West (Universal, 5/30)- $195 million
Seth MacFarlane's debut of Ted was an incredible success, crossing over $200 million domestically.  This movie looks to feature the same type of goofy humor in a unique setting.  Of course westerns are risky after Cowboys & Aliens and The Lone Ranger, but this will be marketed as a comedy.  Should do a little less than Ted, as it will not have the ability to make pop culture references as easily.  But if this is as funny as Ted and Universal pushes MacFarlane it should be a big hit for them.

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