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15 Female Characters That Could Star in Their Own Marvel Production

One of the most popular subject for superhero movie articles is that there should be a movie starring a female superhero.  Marvel seems to be making headway in that direction with a Jessica Jones series on Netflix and a rumored Peggy Carter TV show.  Also Marvel Comics is releasing new series starring She-Hulk, Elektra, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel in addition to a relaunch of Captain Marvel and the all female line-up in X-Men.  These are the 15 characters that could make a good movie or TV series.  I could not included some characters due to rights (Storm, X-23 are at Fox and Black Cat, Spider-Girl are at Sony).  There are other potential characters, such as Firestar or Tigra who just missed the cut.

15. Mockingbird
Mockingbird was announced a long time ago as a potential ABC Family series with Bobbi Morse as a high school student, seemed like a live-action young adult Kim Possible concept (actually now that I brought it up, Marvel should definitely use Kim Possible).  But Bobbi Morse as a non-powered costumed spy is interesting enough.  A potential spin-off from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

14. White Tiger
White Tiger is a concept that Marvel keeps trying that has never quite stuck.  However with her as part of the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man and her in the roster of The Mighty Avengers it would seem that Marvel is definitely putting a lot behind this incarnation.

13. Elsa Bloodstone
Simple concept that could translate beautifully to a movie or series with the right actress: a British monster hunter.  There were similarities made to Buffy when her series debuted, but Elsa is more action oriented.  I could see this being a fun little action movie or a BBC style series.  Definitely a concept that could go to Netflix for Marvel Phase Two.

12. Dazzler
I listed Dazzler on my list of Marvel concepts that Fox could use, but Dazzler’s rights are a little uncertain.  She is a mutant and most associated with the X-Men, but she has spent a lot of time as a solo hero and Marvel said they were looking at seeking out her feature potential.  Dazzler is an interesting character that could work better on screen than on the page since her entire gimmick is that she is a singer.  There is something strangely brilliant about a superhero with a record deal.

            11. Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl, the character that nobody expected to stick.  This is one of Marvel’s largest cult followings.  In part due to an ironic appreciation for ridiculous concepts, but mainly due to her being well handled by writers like Dan Slott.  This is definitely not a feature film, but she would be absolutely perfect in an animated series.  Squirrel Girl is so pleasant and such an individual that she would translate perfectly into an animated comedy series.

10. Ms. Marvel
This new character is debuting in her own series in February.  This character’s identity as a Muslim has garnered quite a bit of attention, but it looks like there is a lot more to the character than an attempt at diversity or controversy.  The preview images have just been released and writer G. Willow Wilson has a strong take on the series.  This would make for a great teen movie.  We are fifteen to twenty years away from this character headlining a big budget blockbuster, but this could be a great young adult franchise ala Hunger Games.  Marvel seems to be working hard to make this character work, I am sure they have seen potential for other media in her.

9. Elektra
Marvel is starting to use the character again.  Of course her solo movie was a disaster and is listed as one of the reasons why female superhero movies won’t “work.”  But it is just time for everyone to move past that.  If it were up to me I would have Elektra headline a series in Netflix Phase Two (along with The Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade).

8. Daughters of the Dragon
Another concept that might work better on the screen than on the page.  There has yet to be a superhero buddy movie and these are the perfect two to do it.  An odd juxtaposition of martial arts and blaxploitation tropes, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are private investigators that are almost inseparable.  This does not even need to be marketed as a superhero movie, but it would be a really awesome action film.

7. Angela
Marvel did not buy a character just to follow up an event, they will definitely be looking to use her on the screen.  With her association with the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics she could potentially spin-off from that film.  A movie written by creator Neil Gaiman would be great.

6. Spectrum
Monica Rambeau is never going to be called Captain Marvel again and Spectrum is not exactly the most marketable title for a superhero movie.  But this is a great Marvel hero who is finally back in the comics.  Monica would make for an interesting superhero film, because unlike most heroes she actually wants to do it.  She has a law enforcement background, a great setting in New Orleans, awesome powers and a good costume.  Not sure why Marvel has never attempted an ongoing series with her, but they should look into it.

5. Sif
Timing is perfect for this surprising candidate.  With her headlining Kathryn Immonen’s popular run on Journey Into Mystery, a large fan base for the movie character and outrage that she was not cast as Wonder Woman this has to be a movie Marvel is looking into.  Instead of another sequel to Thor a spinoff for her may be a smarter move.  I considered fellow Asgardian Valkyrie for this list, but people definitely want to see Sif.

4. Spider-Woman
Spider-Woman has become one of the more popular characters in the comics in recent years.  The double, triple agent of S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA/Avengers/S.W.O.R.D. brought some complex plotting into the New Avengers.  She is unpredictable and tragic.  Marvel has been bringing her front and center in Avengers art work for the last several years, they definitely want her to succeed.  With rights for Spider-Man being tied up at Sony a movie starring Jessica Drew is a great chance for Marvel to take advantage of that popular name brand.

3. She-Hulk
It is difficult to explain to non-comic book fans that this is a great character.  She seems so ludicrous and in many ways she is, but in the best ways.  Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters was a long running Avenger, the best replacement member of the Fantastic Four and has had several great solo runs (namely by John Byrne and recently Dan Slott).  This is a funny character who has been prone to breaking the fourth wall and just being fun.  One of the few superheroes who just enjoys everything about being a superhero.  She is also a lawyer (which she shows up to court in her She-Hulk form).  This would be an surprising comedy or even a good sitcom.  With the character getting a new solo series soon Marvel may be looking into that.

2. Black Widow
Despite a tepid response to the character in Iron Man 2 she was a breakout in The Avengers.  Scarlett Johansson is a popular, likable star who loves this role.  She may not be the Russian anti-hero of the comics, but Whedon helped her find an identity that worked on film.  With an increased role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier she could be the closest to headlining a solo film.

1. Captain Marvel
Easily Marvel’s biggest solo heroine.  Marvel has been putting a large marketing push behind here which is coupled with Kelly Sue Deconnick’s popular run this is the character that is getting ready to make the jump to a feature film.  Marvel has announced several more movies, but has not announced what they are.  With as intentional as the studio is they are most likely looking for the best way to make a Carol Danver’s movie succeed.  But I am pretty sure that she is being developed for a feature along with Inhumans, Doctor Strange and The Black Panther.

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