Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Best Disney Scary Shorts

10. Donald Duck and the Gorilla (1944)
An escaped gorilla makes it way into Donald's house while his nephews dressed in a gorilla costume terrorize him as well.  

9. Runaway Brain (1995)
Many people who saw this in theatres as a kid admit to being terrified by the monster Mickey.  It is pretty scary and well animated by Andreas Deja.  Kelsey Grammer also gives a great voice performance as Dr. Frankenollie (hilarious Disney joke).  Not the best short but a good way to use Mickey in a different way.

8. Trick or Treat (1952)
The only Disney short that takes place on Halloween, as such Disney often uses it around this time of year on TV or home entertainment.  Witch Hazel help Huey, Dewey and Louie get revenge on their cruel uncle Donald.  Some fun cartoony gags and Witch Hazel proved popular enough to become a recurring character in the comics.  An annual tradition in many households and features a very catchy titular song.

7. Goddess of Spring (1934)
One of Disney's earliest attempts at realistic animation features one of the most terrifying looks at hell.  This Silly Symphony is the story of Prospenia making a deal with the devil.  Some terrific artistry.

6. Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983)
I seem to keep bringing this cartoon up on this blog, it really is one of my favorites.  Although it is a Christmas short it has one of the scariest scenes in Disney animation.  Pete is the only time I can remember the Ghost of Christmas Future speaking.  Voiced by Will Ryan he
has never sounded more menacing with that big cackle.  Your emotions are already heightened by the sight of Mickey Mouse (playing Bob Cratchit) mourning the loss of his son.  The sight of Pete's lit cigar and the opening grave always unnerves me.

5. Vincent (1982)
Tim Burton had a difficult time in Disney animation but they did allow him to create a very experimental short in an era where they really were not creating much new animation.  Feels much more like Tim Burton than Disney.  This short still holds up with its unique design and eerie mood.  I am not a huge fan of Tim Burton, but this is one I like.

4. Donald's Lucky Day (1939)
One of my favorite Donald shorts.  Why should Donald have an easy time on Friday the 13th?  Donald starts out as a happy delivery boy but crossing a black cat and going under a ladder ruin the evening for him.  Always fun seeing Donald struggle.

3. Lonesome Ghosts (1937)
One of the most recognizable Disney shorts and best trio cartoons.  The ghosts are fun characters and really fun physical gags.  This is also one of my favorite haunted houses.

2. Skeleton Dance (1929)
The first Silly Symphony is a great example of the series' accent on music.  The choreography of the skeletons is iconic.

1. Old Mill (1937)
Not a horror movie by any means and certainly not a comedy.  This is all atmosphere.  It captures the emotions of a dangerous storm.  The sounds, the sights.  This is such a great artistic achievement, really beautiful but really eerie.

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