Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spider-Man Villains That Have Not Yet Appeared in a Movie

There have been four Spider-Man movies with a fifth one currently in production.  The next installment of Amazing Spider-Man introduces Electro (Jamie Foxx) and The Rhino (Paul Giamatti), as well as potential villains Norman and Harry Osborn (Chris Cooper, Dane DeHaan).  So far we have seen five Spider-Man supervillains adapted to the big screen (six if you count Harry in Spider-Man 3).  But only two have been done well and even at that the Green Goblin costume wasn't that great.  Really Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus is the only movie villain to live up to the comics.  Here are some suggestions for potential other movies.

15. Spider Slayers
People don't like Spider-Man and want him caught.  To the public the Spider Slayers would be the heroes while Spidey is the villain.  Giant robots also switch up the action scenes from one on one costume fights.  Could easily be used in a movie and would make fun toys.
14. Vulture
Young Spider-Man punching an old man is just great imagery.  I was never a fan of the character of the Vulture until I read him in the third issue of Superior Spider-Man and realized how terrifying this bad guy could be.
13. Jackal
The Clone Saga is the most reviled story in Spidey's history.  Definitely would doubt the movies would resort to that story or need to.  However if the film franchise gets to college a creepy college professor that experiments with students' DNA would fit.  Could be a plot device or a simple nod to fans.
12. Chameleon
This character is one of the best plot devices in Spidey's mythos.  He can be used perfectly in a plot twist, such as in the Spectacular Spider-Man series where he was used beautifully.  An easy supporting villain that would not require a big budget to create and is memorable.
11. Shocker
I respect the Shocker.  He is a guy doing his job.  He knows he won't be taken overly seriously, but he knows he will survive.  Shocker is a dependable thug and would be a fun throw away villain.
10. Juggernaut
One of three characters on this list that could not be used due to rights issues.  But Juggernaut definitely raises the stakes and allows for some real creative choreography and plotting.  Nothing Stops the Juggernaut is one of the most beloved Spidey stories, could be a fun movie.
9. The Kingpin
Again, won't happen due to rights for the character now being at Disney.  But nobody makes a big bad better than Wilson Fisk.  Works as a villain, puppet master and supporting character.  Using him akin to The Animated Series would work on film too.
8. Hobgoblin
If the new movies end up with a good take on the Green Goblin giving the villain a legacy would be a good move.  Thing I like about the Green Goblin is that he has much more of a legacy and influence than Spidey.  Creating a mystery of the Hobgoblin's identity could make for a great movie, ala Mask of the Phantasm or Mystery of the Batwoman.
7. Black Cat
Not a villain, but certainly has an adversarial relationship with Spidey.  Felicia Hardy is an exciting character that would be a great supporting character as well as costumed one.  Get a great physical actress and can expand Peter and Spidey's character.

6. Sinister Six
And at number six is the Sinister Six.  Superhero movies are getting bigger and the stakes need to raise more than simple hero vs. villain stories.  Have not seen a superhero movie really focus on a supervillain team.  Spidey vs. six villains is always a fun time.  With three villains being introduced next movie the series could be headed that way.

5. The Enforcers
Often these three are seen as a joke.  The lasso-wielding Montana, judo practicing Fancy Dan and super strong Ox are not Spidey's most fearsome foes.  However these three are a fun simple concept and a very logical component of a superhero universe.  With all of the successful superheroes and power hungry villains street crime needs to step it up and get some name brand recognition.  As corny as The Enforcers are often portrayed they could really work on film.  I love these guys.

4. The Punisher
Often portrayed fairly heroically and the rights not existing with Spidey's characters.  However I think that Punisher is the perfect adversary for Spidey.  Out of all of the people Spidey faces, this is the one that I don't think Uncle Ben would understand.  I think that Uncle Ben would understand that men like Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk will always exist, he would be sympathetic to the poor upbringing of Doc Ock and Harry Osborn.  Uncle Ben is basically the Mr. Rogers of the Marvel Universe, he would sit Venom on his lap and give him a talk about responsibility.  But The Punisher's motivations are much more complex his ideology is difficult to argue against at times.  Especially since Peter constantly has loved ones dying.  Think there is a great Spider-Man vs. Punisher story that has yet to be told.
3. Mysterio
How has Hollywood not used this guy yet?  He is the perfect gimmick for the movies and would add some fun inside references to the movie industry.  Quentin Beck was a special effects artist who turned to crime.  With superhero movies getting bigger and better there is a fun story about a man who worked on superhero films that wanted to make the movies even more real and go after a superhero himself.

2. Scorpion
Fun costume, equal match (slightly superior) to Spidey, and ties to J. Jonah Jameson (if the new movies ever introduce him).  Scorpion is powerful enough to hold his own in a movie while still being a lackey or a team member.  Get a scary actor and a good costume, you've got some tickets sold.

1. Kraven the Hunter
I have no clue who they should get to play Kraven but a real buff, menacing older actor could make this character really pop on screen.  Kraven has no mask so a really expressive and subtle actor could bring a lot to the movie.  Kraven is fueled entirely by pride, something that Spidey really does not have.  With the city constantly turning against Spider-Man they would eat up a show of this human taking out the bug.  And of course Kraven's Last Hunt would be a really terrifying, but really awesome movie.

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