Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Disneyland: Tomorrowland

Let's begin with the future.  Last year while in line for the Haunted Mansion I had a conversation with an old man who complained how Tomorrowland is still based on a Jules Verne version of the future.  That was a very valid point.  So this Tomorrowland using more modern/relevant brands.
Iron Man Training Simulator
Disneyland is getting an Iron Man armor exhibit to tie into the new movie, but a proper Marvel attraction is a perfect fit for a new Tomorrowland.  More than other heroes such as Spidey, X-Men or The Avengers, Tony Stark represents the future as he is a futurist.  This would be a virtual reality attraction where the audience gets to shoot repulser rays and fly.  Essentially an Iron Man themed Star Tours.  Since this isn't in Florida Disney would be able to use Marvel properties in the theme park.
WALL-E Garbage Pick-Up
This attraction could actually be a way to trick guests into picking up trash around the park.  But my plan would be to have guests sit in WALL-E shaped vehicles that would move them around a trash filled room (or items that look like trash) and they can operate the arms and try to pick up as much trash as they can.  It could even keep track of the totals and list high scores akin to Toy Story Midway Games or Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.
World of Tron
It seems as if Tron will never be a giant blockbuster.  But even though both films underperformed the concept of a human entering the video game world is perfect for Tomorrowland.  I'm not a scientist, but somehow virtual reality would allow guests to play Tron.  Or at least create a new version of the game specifically for the park.  Wreck-It Ralph could even make a cameo or be a bonus level.
Atlantis Expedition
Disney used to be great at using less popular properties even after they are popular.  Characters from the banned Song of the South are part of Splash Mountain.  Even though Pete's Dragon is not a perfect movie Elliott has a permanent spot in The Main Street Electrical Parade.  Even though Atlantis was not a big success it is a well designed movie and the design of the ship Ulysses and the background of Atlantis would be beautiful up close.  This would be the submarine voyage but in a gorgeous fantasy world that would feature a battle with the Leviathan.
Muppet Labs
Kermit asks Dr. Benson Honeydew and Beaker to do some science experience for the audience and naturally everything goes wrong.  Every Disney park should have a funny show and who better to lead it than the Muppets?

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