Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Disneyland: Frontierland

Frontierland Forest
A nice relaxing walk through area with statues of Disney's forest characters.  So there would be Bambi and his friends, Todd and Copper playing on a stump, The Three Little Pigs' houses, Snow White's scary woods, Pooh trying to get honey from a tree and several other familiar characters to look at and take pictures of.
Steamboat Willie
I am really surprised that Disney has never used this in a park.  It is a boat ride based on Mickey's ship Steamboat Willie.  Doesn't have to be an actual steamboat, but should have enough in common to be recognizable.
Sleepy Hollow Chase
Disney animated the definitive version of one of America's greatest stories, seems like a perfect fit for Frontierland.  Not exactly sure how to work this out but guests would be in a cart that is fleeing the Headless Horesman.  Essentially the cart would be starting and stopping, going around corners, etc. while the Horseman continually pops up in front of it.  Pumpkin heads would be flying everywhere.  Not a full idea yet, but this would be a really scary Frontierland attraction if someone knew a good way to do it.
Three Caballeros
This would beThe Enchanted Tiki Room meets Mickey's PhilharMagic.  The audience is sitting down wearing 3D glasses and the ceiling, floor and walls are all screens.  Donald, Jose and Panchito would pop up all around them singing their signature song.  There would also be numbers based on Aqualero do Brasil from Saludos Amigos, The Aracuan from Three Caballeros and Blame it on the Samba from Make Mine Music.  The surrealism of these cartoons would be perfectly highlighted in a theme park attraction.  Just imagine the room changing to the scenery of Aqualero do Brasil.  Not exactly sure how to explain this attraction, but while imagining it in my head it seems really cool.

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