Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Disneyland: Fantasyland

Snow White's Castle
Fantasyland needs a castle.  A good one to use would be the Prince's castle in Snow White.  Disney's first movie ends with Snow White looking at a castle in the sky.  Would be fun for audiences to finally get to see more of it.
Mary Poppins' Practically Perfect Parasols
Dumbo the Flying Elephant is one of the most enduring and popular Disney attractions of all time, the format was even replicated in Adventureland's Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  For this new Disney theme park the flying carousel ride would be giant open umbrellas with seats attached at the bottoms.  This would have a feeling of suspension, differing it from the other rides.
Fantasia Fantasies
This would be a dark ride featuring characters and scenes from Fantasia and Fantasia 2000.  Even if the movies aren't the best known they are some of Disney's most visually pleasing.  They would be great images up close, plus classical music could be playing the whole ride.
Princess and the Frog Bayou Adventure
Another new dark ride based on a movie that isn't the best known.  Princess and the Frog is a beautiful movie with a lot of images for imagineers to draw from.  Since a majority of the movie takes place on the bayou this would be a water ride, ala it's a small world.  This would help to raise the movie's profile and place in Disney's catalog.
Mickey's Beanstalk
Based on Mickey and the Beanstalk from Fun and Fancy Free.  Audiences would in a roller coaster style cart that would work its way up a long beanstalk and through the sites of the giant's castle before descending back down.  A combination of a roller coaster and a dark ride.  Not sure how to make this safe or feasible, but let the imagineers sort it out.
Rapunzel's Tangled Slide-Do
There would be four long slides styled after Rapunzel's blonde hair that would be built around each other to appear like it is tangled hair.  Again, not sure how to make this safe or feasible but it is a fun idea.

Nightmare Mountain
The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the few Disney brands that teenagers and young adults allow themselves.  Disney should make a thrill ride out of it.  The mountain from the movie is iconic and inside it could have a Space Mountain style thrill ride for older guests featuring characters from the movie.

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