Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Dream Avengers Lineup

I love comics and I think that anybody that reads comics has their own stories in mind.  That is part of what makes comic books so great, it belongs more to the audience.  I have had an idea for my dream Avengers lineup for a long time decided to make a post about it.

I would use:
Henry Pym, Giant-Man
Henry Pym is a founding Avenger who can never catch a break.  He has made mistakes in the past and is ill-suited in the role of a superhero.  However he is constantly improving and working on himself, he will always have a character arc.  I would have Pym keep his Giant-Man persona, but he would have a few surprising powers.  With his background in robotics I am sure that Pym looks at Iron Man and realizes that he could fly and shoot repulser rays too.  Hank would have to be the leader.  Monica has been out of the superhero game for too long and Susan would not have the time to commit to it.  Responsibility does not always sit well with Pym, it would be interesting.

Monica Rambeau, Conversion
First off I would change Monica's codename to Conversion, a name that is unique to her that won't get taken away.  The most difficult thing about her inclusion is the uneasy continuity of Nextwave, however Machine Man and Boom-Boom have been used in the main 616 she should not have too much of a problem.  I think that Monica and the Avengers have different opinions on each other.  The Avengers would see Monica as a hero who had shown so much promise that had just faded out.  Monica on the other hand would see The Avengers as a boys club that has never invited her back.

Susan Richards, Invisible Woman
Having Sue on the Avengers gives her an unique opportunity, we get to see her on her own outside of the Fantastic Four.  Get to see who Sue is outside of the roles of wife, sister and mother.  As the most experienced member of this line-up she would be something of a backseat leader.  Also she would be responsible for the team's public relations.  Can't see citizens trusting too many of these other members, she is the most famous and beloved one on the team.  She is also the one with the most respect from the superhero community, something that the other members also lack.

Robert Drake, Iceman
The Avengers need a token mutant, it allows for wider stories and bigger tension.  After years of not knowing what to do with the character, writers like Aaron and Bendis finally have an interesting take on Bobby.  I have always seen Bobby as someone who's life was ruined because he was a mutant.  He has never been able to have a normal life: he can't hold down a relationship, did not make it as an accountant and never really had his father's love because of his mutation.  He has been a superhero since he was 15, a role he is always awkward in but can't seem to escape.  Bobby, like most of the Marvel Universe, should not be a superhero but he is always going to be.  I see this as a break away from the X-Men, to see who he is a person.  His dynamic among other mutants is set, there is always a restlessness to Bobby and the Avengers would allow him to explore that.

Rick is an all purpose sidekick in a universe without sidekicks.  I would cure him of being A-Bomb.  I think Rick is more interesting as a civilian without powers.  He would be this team's Hawkeye or Luke Cage, he may not have a weapon or any powers but he is creative enough to hold his own in a fight.  I would also make Rick as somewhat of the glorified fanboy of the Marvel Universe.  He is appearing at Comic-Con, signing autographs and telling people he created the Avengers.  Rick's style has changed a lot over the years.  He started as a harmonica playing Ham-radio enthusiast in the sixties and has bought into every fad since.  There would be elements from all of those in his persona and wardrobe still.

Felicia Hardy, Black Cat
Black Cat would never seek out the Avengers she would have to just stumble across them and use them if she needs to.  She is still a thief, but she is a thief who will save your life if you need her too.  Many people would not trust her but she has a unique enough skill set to keep her around.  Her heroic villain status would also provide plenty of opportunities to surprise people.

Abigail Boylen, Cloud 9
I fell in love with this character from the moment she first appeared.  She was forced to be trained as a hero, but never wanted to be a superhero.  She has body image issues, is uncomfortable with violence and doubts herself.  But despite all of this she is extremely competent and one of the best up and coming heroes.  I see her not wanting the status of a full Avenger but she is one that the Avengers want.  Her origin is also not fully explored and there are a lot of opportunities with her unique powers.  She would be the most available hero on this list for the Avengers but also the most difficult to come up with a reason to have her on the team.  Nonetheless she would make for some great stories.

This is a different team that we haven't seen and would be a very different Avengers.  These characters represent several different corners of the Marvel Universe.  Members of Spider-Man, X-Men, classic Avengers, teen heroes, Fantastic Four and Hulk universes are all here. 

I need to still work on the premise to get all of these characters together as Avengers, but I am most interested in them for their dynamics.  We have seen how the Big 3 of Cap, Iron Man and Thor work together.  Cap is going to be the unquestioned leader, Stark will have a way to fix everything, etc.  These seven would provide some different team dynamics.  I will make a post later about how all of these characters interact with one another.

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