Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dynamics of My Avengers Lineup

I just made a post explaining my dream Avengers lineup which includes: Giant-Man, Conversion (Monica Rambeau), Invisible Woman, Iceman, a depowered Rick Jones, Black Cat and Cloud 9.  Part of why I like this lineup so much is that there are a lot of opportunities for interesting dynamics.  Here are the dynamics I would like to see among the team.

Giant-Man and Conversion
These are the two legacy Avengers on the team, they have the most experience as part of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.  I can see both Pym and Monica sharing some resentment towards the main Avengers.  Despite their sizable contributions to the team they are never going to be accepted by the public or other team members like Cap, Hawkeye or others.  Giant-Man is uneasily going to step into the position of team leader just because Monica has not been an active superhero in a long time.  But Monica's leadership experience would come into play and cause her to butt heads with Pym and complement him, depending on the mission.  Monica was also recruited into the Avengers by Pym's ex-wife when Hank was at his lowest, she may have some negative feelings towards him for that as well.

Giant-Man and Invisible Woman
Again, Pym is not comfortable as the leader and is not loved by the public.  Sue is going to have to backseat lead and be responsible for public relations without hurting the feelings of the emotionally fragile Pym.  Susan also has the rare position on the team of being one of the few who knows how to communicate with Pym due to her experience with her socially awkward genius husband.  However unlike Reed, Sue does not love or have to love Pym she may get frustrated with him easier.  Also I would imagine the genius competitiveness among Pym, Reed, Stark and now Banner would affect Sue and Pym's working relationship.  As would Susan's friendship with Wasp, Hank's ex-wife.

Giant-Man and Iceman
These are probably the two most broken members of the team.  However they are different as Hank has had meltdowns and failures and Bobby has never really faced his immense feelings of inadequacy.  Hank may use his regrettable past to help Bobby from making similar mistakes, but then again if the two of them are having emotional issues on the same day that can't be great for the team dynamic.  Their inadequacies and differing mood swings will most likely cause conflicts among each other, especially since Bobby can be short-tempered and reckless at times.

Giant-Man and Rick Jones
These two were part of the Avengers at the beginning, but would have very different takes on the start of the team.  But for the most part I would imagine the two get along.  Hank would be the one providing Rick with weapons and taking a risk in keeping him on the field team.

Giant-Man and Black Cat
Hank has made so many mistakes that he will give anyone a second chance.  Felicia will definitely use this to her advantage.  She has a history with broken men and would be able to manipulate Pym if it suited her.  But Felicia is still a good person and would appreciate the second chances Hank would give her.  I would see a lot of loyalty among the two.  Hank would be able to provide Felicia with weapon upgrades as well.

Giant-Man and Cloud 9
These two had never met.  But Abby knew the Skrull that replaced Hank, she will more than likely be cautious around him due to the events of Secret Invasion.  Hank was also recently in charge of Avengers Academy and know has experience with teenage superheroes.

Conversion and Invisible Woman
Sue seems to unofficially represent most of the female superheroes.  Sue would want a heroine as strong as Monica to make it.  Sue would have a subconscious agenda to push Monica, and I don't think Monica likes being pushed.

Conversion and Iceman
There is not much in common between these two and they don't have any past history.  But someone with Avengers experience and someone with X-Men experience would cause some tension.

Conversion and Rick Jones
The most powerful team member and the least powerful team member.  They could easily be teamed up for smaller two person missions.

Conversion and Black Cat
Felicia is friends with Monica, Monica is going to have to vouch for the thief.  Felicia is going to keep walking on both sides of the law which will undoubtedly cause tension with her law-enforcement friend.  But while most of the members are just teammates these are the two that would actually hang out and go on their own adventures outside of the team.

Conversion and Cloud 9
Monica is the only member of this lineup who ever wanted to be a superhero and Cloud 9 is the one who resists superheroics the most.  They are going to have trouble relating to one another.  Cloud 9, being so young will also give Monica some higher status.

Invisible Woman and Iceman
Bobby is the same age and personality type as his friend and Susan's younger brother, Human Torch.  Bobby has matured quite a bit however.  Susan may initially see him as another Johnny but Bobby has been a teacher.  The two may relate more as role models, which Bobby would not be used to.

Invisible Woman and Rick Jones
Rick on the other hand would be closer to the parts about Johnny that irritates Sue.  And just like how she does not have to love Pym, she does not have to love Rick.  Rick's immaturity and unpreparedness would not go over well with the professional Susan.  Can't picture her happy about Rick's place on the team.

Invisible Woman and Black Cat
Spider-Man is part of Susan's family.  If Peter ever spoke about Felicia to his family and friends they probably would not have a positive impression of her.  Also while Monica is friends with Felicia despite their differences Black Cat is the one that would rub Susan the wrong way the most.  Almost an Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde dynamic.

Invisible Woman and Cloud 9
Susan's main traits are that of a mature role model, something that Cloud 9 has not had in her superhero career.  Abigail's time at Camp Hammond was very shady and have a lasting negative impact on her.  Susan is the one that could inspire her, which is a different role for the veteran hero.

Iceman and Rick Jones
These two started out around the same time.  But while Bobby has been friends with other peers Spider-Man and Human Torch, Rick has never really fit in.  These are essentially the two high classmates who are meeting each other for the first time.  They traditionally have similar roles, but Bobby has matured while Rick is still an immature teenager.

Iceman and Black Cat
Much like Susan, Bobby is close to Spider-Man and may not have the best impression of Felicia.  However unlike Susan, Bobby is easily manipulated by women.  If Felicia ever needed to use a team member Bobby is the one she would.

Iceman and Cloud 9
Bobby has been a teacher and working with kids around Abigail's age.  Cloud 9 is also asking the questions that Bobby should have when he was her age.  Bobby has been stuck being a superhero for most of his life, I think that he would be very interested in Cloud 9's reluctance.  Iceman and Cloud 9 would have a definite protective mentor and student dynamic.

Rick Jones and Black Cat
These are the two members without any powers, they will have to look out for one another in tougher battles.  Black Cat is certainly the rogue of the team, Rick is the member closest to her loose morality.  These two aren't superheroes, but they live in a superhero world and are going to do what it takes to survive.

Rick Jones and Cloud 9
Cloud 9 is not on the same level as most of the team.  A lot of them are going to look down on her and be very protective.  Rick, being somewhat developmentally stunted, would be the closest thing she has to a peer or even a friend to just hang out with.

Black Cat and Cloud 9
Cloud 9 does not trust anyone easily and nobody trusts Black Cat without hesitation.  Felicia will have to win over the young hero and be careful to not waste it.  But Abigail is the most pure member of the group and Black Cat will respect that.

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