Thursday, January 10, 2013

1st Annual Non-Oscars

Oscar nominations were just released today.  I was surprised by a lot of the nominations.  Pleasantly surprised in many cases and disappointed in many others.  But above all I am happy that the academy was able to surprise me.  Be they good or bad, it makes things much more interesting.

So instead of analyzing the nominees or talking about snubs I decided to go a different approach.  I will have a series of blogposts of the next few days called The Non-Oscars.  I will be giving my picks for the best of 2012 but none of them can have been nominated for an Oscar.  So I will have categories such as Best Picture Not Nominated for an Academy Award or Best Actor Not Nominated for an Academy Award (can pretty much guarantee Ben Affleck a lock for Best Director Not Nominated for an Academy Award).

I am excited to write these, because a lot of my nominees are ones that Oscar voters would never consider.  I get to acknowledge movies that meant a lot to me, no matter if they were Oscar bait, blockbuster, etc.

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