Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2013-2014 Sitcoms: CBS

How I Met Your Mother
CBS's traditionally strong Monday night lineup has a great lead-in with the final season of How I Met Your Mother.  The show has grown quite the following airing on network television for nine years, being heavily syndicated across television, available on Netflix and downloaded online.  The series is built around the promise of the finale.  Although there has been frustrations with it, people will tune in to see the recently revealed mother.  Although this season will be much less accessible as it all takes place in one weekend.

We Are Men
This is the series that CBS is hoping will replace How I Met Your Mother.  Both are produced by Rob Greenberg and is built around a "bro code" mentality.  It has a good ensemble with recognizable stars Tony Shalhoub, Kal Penn and Jerry O'Connell.  They seem to have good chemistry and could build a good-sized audience.

2 Broke Girls
Following the male-centric first hour is a more female driven second hour.  The series enters its third season and should do continue to do well in the ratings.

The night ends with Chuck Lorre's newest sitcom.  It should do well with Lorre's established audience but looks to have a strong enough cast to attract general comedy fans.  Anna Faris is a good lead for an ensemble featuring Nate Corddry, Matt Jones, French Stewart and the dependable Allison Janney.  Based on the trailer the broad comedy and multi-cam format looks fun.

Big Bang Theory
CBS expands their Thursday night lineup to directly compete with NBC.  They have the perfect lead in with this cultural hit.  This one does amazing with ratings and good with the Emmys.  Even if I don't understand the wide appeal many people love this.  It should unfortunately demolish Parks and Recreation in the ratings.

The Millers
Will Arnett tries out yet another sitcom.  This is a multi-cam that feels similar to Chuck Lorre.  It is developed by the producer of My Name is Earl and Raising Hope so it should gain some critical attention.  The cast is very good with Beau Bridges, J.B. Smoove, Jayma Mays (replacing Mary Elizabeth Ellis), Nelson Franklin and especially Margo Martindale looking to be quite funny.  Looks better than CBS' standard multi-cam series.

The Crazy Ones
This is Bill Lawrence's (ScrubsCougar Town) latest series and the main draw is Robin Williams.  He is backed by Hamish Linklater, Amanda Setton and Sarah Michelle Gellar (who seems to be able to balance Williams out).  As much as I long for a good vehicle for the talented Williams I doubt that this is it.  The trailer is basically a big product placement for McDonalds and show Williams on auto pilot (ala Old Dogs, License to Wed and many other recent comedies of his).  However he is a legend and should draw people in.

Two and a Half Men
Ending the night is the 11th season of Chuck Lorre's successful series.  This is one of the few comedies to consistently succeed on television and work its way to long runner status.  This season sees Angus T. Jones's role (the half man) downgraded and replaced with Charlie's illegitimate lesbian daughter.  No actress has been announced, but I can see it going to a former Disney Channel or Nickelodeon star (a Selena Gomez or Miranda Cosgrove).  But this is going up against The Michael J. Fox Sow, Men has to die out sooner or later and it has lived far past what it should have.

Comedytime Saturday
Saturday nights CBS will be rerunning its comedy shows and burning off its ratings failures under the banner of Comedytime Saturday, a one hour block.


Bad Teacher
CBS picked up an adaptation of the Cameron Diaz movie Bad Teacher.  Can't find out too much information on this but Trophy Wife on ABC should cover similar material better.

Friends with Better Lives
Kevin Connolly and Brooklyn Decker star in this ensemble, not too much else has been released about it yet.

Mike and Molly
This Chuck Lorre sitcom returns for a fourth season.  Which will undoubtedly be its last with Melissa McCarthy headlining in two of the year's largest comedies Identity Thief and The Heat.

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