Monday, February 11, 2013

10 Candidates for Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has been announced as one of Marvel Studios' phase three films.  There have been several potential actors rumored or suggested online such as Joseph Fiennes, Hugh Laurie, Ioann Gruffudd, Patrick Dempsey (who wants the role) and most commonly Viggo Mortensen.  Here are ten more suggestions that have not been mentioned.  Keep in mind no director has been announced and it is unknown where Strange will fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Jeff Fahey
Put a robe on Jeff Fahey with his Machete beard and he would look a lot like the good doctor.  There is a sinister quality to Fahey that would be an interesting take on the character.  Doubtful Marvel would gamble with him on a lead role.
Bruce Greenwood
Although he has voiced Batman for the past several years the Star Trek captain's face is not associated with DC.  Greenwood is a very intimidating screen presence with an eerie quality to him.  Like Fahey he is not an established leading man.  Also may be too old as he is getting close to 60 and haven't seen him with a beard.
Ken Watanabe
Marvel is usually under scrutiny for a lack of diversity in its heroes.  Strange really does not need to be caucasian, in fact it would make more sense for the character to be of Asian decent (gets rid of the unfortunate Mighty Whitey trope that Strange usually has).  Watanabe is one of the best known Asian actors working in Hollywood in the appropriate age range.  Of course he is best known from Batman Begins, but what good actor hasn't been in a superhero movie nowadays?  The Inception star would be an interesting pick for Strange.
Jean Dujardin
Haven't heard him do an American accent yet, but a French voice would be an interesting one for Strange.  Casting a physical idiosyncratic actor in the role makes sense.  Would be a much more suave doctor, which would fit the character's origins.
Irrfan Khan
Khan was one of the better performances in Amazing Spider-Man and gave one of the year's best performances in Life of Pi.  Khan can be humorous, intelligent and reflective.  A definite out of left field choice.  Like many of these candidates he isn't a leading man, but then again Doctor Strange is not a traditional superhero character.
Ty Burrell
While he is mainly known for being extremely likable there is a sort of eeriness to him.  He has a very expressive face and a deep voice.  Also his comedic chops would help with the more outlandish aspects of the concept.  Marvel seems to like to use TV actors, as one of the best known characters currently on television he would be a good choice.  Although this could create a possible paradox with Incredible Hulk.
Woody Harrelson
If Marvel went a completely different route with the concept, instead of an eloquent man focused on the strangeness well Woody is about as weird as they come.  Woody is a unique actor who could play a more modern magician.  Would not look like the character, but would be a great movie sorcerer.
Benicio Del Toro
Pretty much everything I said about the previous candidates this veteran actor possesses.  Expressive face, physicality, strong voice, strong presence and is capable of lot of depth.  Del Toro is one of the best in the business, giving good performances in any movie he is in.  Del Toro would certainly make a one of a kind Doctor Strange.
Christoph Waltz
One of the most fun actors to gain the spotlight in recent years.  Dye his hair black and you've got a Doctor Strange that makes sense in the movies.

Javier Bardem
I am surprised I haven't seen him mentioned with the role yet.  Bardem stole Skyfall away from James Bond and made one of the most memorable villains ever.  Those qualities that make him scary are what would make him a great Strange.  He would also be able to bring that Vicky Cristina Barcelona charm. Physically intimidating, and always exciting.

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