Monday, February 11, 2013

10 Candidates for Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers, the current Captain Marvel (previously known as Ms. Marvel and Warbird), has been a much rumored addition in Avengers 2.  While her solo series has not been selling well the character has potential for a solo movie.  So here are my picks for potential actresses for Captain Marvel.
Emily Blunt
A no-brainer.  Been pursued by Marvel for both Black Widow and Peggy Carter.  May be built too slender for such a strong character, but she has certainly proved herself as an actress.  Blunt is a likable movie star that can do action well.
Rosamund Pike
Pike is a likable star that can play a professional well.  Has not had a big leading role yet, but definitely has leading potential.  Captain Marvel would be a different character for Pike who usually gets cast as the bombshell.
Claire Danes
Back in the spotlight for Homeland.  That experience will work since Carol is a character that works with the government.
Jenna Fischer
When looking at casting Marvel movies definitely need to take a look at sitcom stars.  Fischer has the comedic chops to keep up with the likes of Downey, but also the sincerity to carry a movie.  Has a definite personality and acting talent.  Also she is pretty ripped.
Vera Farmiga
Has played a government employee a few times before.  May not have the body for a superhero, but definitely has the acting ability.  Her more mature appearance would also make her stand out in a lineup of heroes.  Can get more depth out of her than the next starlet.
Naomi Watts
In looking at blonde actresses for this role, Naomi Watts is definitely near the top of the list.  Watts is a prolific actress that really hasn't done a blockbuster yet.  May be too much of a dramatic actress, but those skills definitely would come into play for a character as broken as Carol Danvers.
Anna Camp
Between Mindy Project and Pitch Perfect, Camp has demonstrated a pretty large range.  The up and comer can be likable and loving but also pretty terrifying and intimidating.  Camp plays perfect well without making it look fake.  Even in shallow roles she shows depth.  As far as fit blondes go I think that Anna Camp would make an interesting Carol Danvers.
Zoe Saldana
The main thing I was looking at were blonde characters as Carol's blonde hair is her most defining physical quality outside of her costume.  But the role requires someone who is believable in action movies, which is where Saldana has experience.  Her career has unfortunately not taken off, attaching herself to Marvel would be a good career move.  If the Captain Marvel gets her own movie they will need someone like Saldana to carry it.
Jessica Chastain
The prolific Chastain is now a movie star.  Have not seen any announcements of big upcoming projects.  Although she was unable to do Iron Man 3 a major Marvel universe role like this may be a better fit.  Chastain has experience in government roles with Zero Dark Thirty and can certainly play strong females.  Captain Marvel is a good character who needs a proper actress like Chastain to make her a household name.
Charlize Theron
I think that her appearance is definitely the closest to Carol in the comics.  In Prometheus Charlize rose above a weakly written character to give a good performance.  Prometheus demonstrates her ability to be a serious action star, even in lesser blockbusters such as Snow White and the Huntsman and Hancock she can hold her own.  Charlize can do humor, drama and be believable in action.  I definitely think that she is the one that Marvel should sign.

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