Thursday, September 12, 2013

Disney Online Streaming

Last December Disney signed a deal with Netflix which was my main reason for me signing up with the service.  Get to watch a few classic animated films, several of their post-renaissance works and now their classic shorts (a subject to which I have devoted several blogposts to). However I think that Disney dropped the ball a bit by going exclusive with Netflix rather than starting their own streaming service.

Disney had similar initiatives such as the mail order Disney Movie Club and the television subscription based Disney Family Movies.  However in a post YouTube, Hulu and Netflix world they are not relevant.  But Disney does has a large enough library that is not getting used to their full potential.  Their brand name is much more recognizable and revered than any other studio or company, I really think that Disney would have been better off trying to start their own streaming service.

Disney could easily bring what was great about cable to the internet.  I often have a difficult time just filtering through all of the options of Netflix.  I think that Disney has enough desired quality programming that isn't being used on television, home entertainment or the internet to create a great online database of programming.

I would split Disney's programming into five different networks that will be part of one online subscription.  The networks will all be specific to genre and audience but as a whole they will allow the Mouse House to reach pretty much every part of the family.

The networks are:
Disney Schoolhouse- Educational and Learning Based Programming with something for the youngest of viewers and plenty of series and movies to watch as a family.
Disney Family Classics- Some of the most enduring programming from the past that still holds up in the present and remain relevant in the future.
Disney Comedy Channel- TV series, animated shorts and movies designed to make you laugh.  Sitcoms, cartoons and family comedies that are suitable for the whole family.
Disney FSF- The network for Fantasy and Science Fiction programming.  Anything outside of reality that expands the imagination goes here.
ABC Streaming- A network for young adults and grown-ups that can be blocked for children by the family's discretion.  A wide variety of some of the best television series and movies of the past thirty years.

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